VOTE NOW: “The Most Corrupt Indian – 2010, Awards”

Announcing – “The Most Corrupt Indian – 2010, Awards”

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Year 2010… an year full of happenings…pleasant and some utterly shocking too. The year witnessed great performances from many of the Indians which were unfortunately eclipsed by huge scams and scandals. So why not ‘reward’ the creators of these scams and scandals for making India so proud on the global platform?

With this thought in mind, Maharashtra Majha wants to choose and honor the gem of corruption with “The Most Corrupt Indian -2010 Awards.” We present you with the top most names who have gained an expertise in the area.  For the Most Corrupt Indian – 2010 Awards, the nominees are: Suresh Kalmadi, A. Raja, Sharad Pawar, B.S. Yeddyurappa, Ashok Chavan, Lalit Modi, Nira Radia and last but not the least Barkha Dutt.

To make the procedure transparent and unbiased, the person will be chosen by you not on the website but on facebook, Maharashtra Majha’s facebook fan page.

You can vote for more than one nominee but one person can vote only once for each nominee.

Vote to choose “The Most Corrupt Indian – 2010, Awards”

Most Corrupt Indian - 2010, Awards

Most Corrupt Indian - 2010, Awards

N.B: We are expecting votes from every part of country and hence announcements and updates will be made in English on facebook fan page twice a day about the Awards and Votes.


  1. Jitesh

    All must be hang till death…… but don’t forget we are also a part of this. Where the corruption starts? why we elect them? why our young generation are trying to keep away from the voting? If you see the statistics for last election average 42% of people take part in voting. where are the other 58% has gone? how can we say this is democratic country if more than half of the population is not using there voting rights?

    We have nurtured this corruption by our own mistakes. the passed is pass away but we need to rethink before labelling them CORRUPTED.

    If you know that they are corrupted then what you are waiting for? You can see by the example of Anna Hazare, so take a opportunity to escalate these matters and take India to glory.

  2. Hems

    The most Corrupt Politition of India is – Sharad Pawar … Tyane Maharashtra cha naav Motha kelas … Pan Maharashtrachi Janata Bholi janata Tine dolyavar Patti bandhali aahe . Congress Chya Rajyat Sagalech Mantri Corrupt aahet, From Previous CM – Ashok Chavan te Suresh Jain .. Yashavantrao Chavan’na kay vaatat asel tyanchya Corrupt mulabaddal …..Back to Sharad Pawar -Agriculture minister , Te kami zala mhanun ICC head , Maharashtracha naav motha karayala ho !!! Tyana Maza Maharashtra kaay aahe te dakhavayachay Jagala …..

    See this….

  3. ravi srivastava

    my vote goes to Murli deora If you want proof read this link

    • om

      each and everyone politician is corrupted in India. raju gandhi also corrupted in boforce. they are kasab in our country but they are free, there is only one remedy just to kill them my vote is going to sharad pawar.

  4. kumar Gaonkar

    Soniya Gandhi


    obviously it is sing is king but king cant sing lolzzzzzzzz……………MR.A.RAJA

  6. Prathamesh

    Everyone is corrupt. as Jitesh said All must hang till date……….F*ck off to this bloody rascal peoples…….

  7. Sudeep

    There are numberless corrupted,

    but if you ask me my vote for


    A. RAJA

  8. Manoj

    sala sabhi politician ko joote maro sab ke sab harami hai ye kya inke bhi baap baithe hai……….

  9. Rajendra

    Sharad pawar is most corrupt person in indian politics

  10. Sharad Pawar isthe most corrupted one in India. (1)-First it was Telgi scam.
    (2)–Lavassa scam.
    (3)–Shahid Balwa.
    (4)–No doubt he is also involved in 2G scam.

    And hence he is the most corrupted. God please take him away fast. The sooner the better.

  11. Sushant Kamble

    Sharad Pawar:-Yes He is, I have seen foodgrains (Rice & Wheat) is wasting in Rain Water but he refuse to give it to poor. All politics was to sell TONS of Rice and wheat in black market. And he did it.

  12. Akshay M. Zanzane

    sagalech currepted aahet sagalyanna bhar chaukat phashi dili pahije

  13. om

    all political leader is corrupted in India but in the race, there is only on king in corruption and hi is sharad pawar he is involve in all kind of corruption in india.

  14. Milind Rode

    Obviously. !! Without any doubt Sharad Pawar is the most corrupt politician of this country. 
    He is the biggest land lord of this country. He is so smart that he has kept his entire wealth in the name is his loyalists and very close relatives. 
    His loyalists are…
    His class met Vithal Maniyar
    Ishwarchand Chordia (father of Atul Chordia of Panchasheel developers, Pune’s biggest developer.) Atul is known money holder of Pawar. 
    Anirudha Deshpande of City Developers. Who is building Amanora township in Pune. Looking at this character any one would tell that such a town ship is not his own piece of cake. When he was hospitalized Pawar took his signatures on blank stap papers. 

    Pawar has deprived the entire Maharashtra for good things in life. Ther is no development happening except money being loundered out by Pawar and his family. 

    If CBI can investigate and bring back the money which Pawar has stock piled outside India then this generation in Maharashtra will get the developments they deserve. 

  15. P M Ravindran

    I believe Man Mohan Singh is the most corrupt Indian, leading the pack of the other corrupt politicians- including ‘madam’ and her family.

  16. seema

    Sharad Pawar most corrupt,shameless indian, His family members may be thinking he is the most decent. Ask those children who were deprived and died of hunger 

  17. bijay

    congress is most coorupted

    ye apne fayde k liye apne maa ko v bechh dega………

  19. BSY

    Congress is the most corrupt, and world’s 4th richest lady Sonia Maino is the most corrupt. My request to already corrupt chamcha’s of Sonia Maino, please find an indian lady to Raul Vinci. Because India can not tolerate another Itallian/foreigner to rule this country in future.

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